Blog for Team Conasauga!

Hello everyone,

I have created this blog to make it easier for everyone to keep in touch instead of sending long threaded emails.

If you like this and\or have suggestions feel free to post them here!


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13 Responses to Blog for Team Conasauga!

  1. towens says:

    Ok. I got a password after all. I think we should give this a shot. Can it send emails letting people know of new posts?

  2. jbishop says:

    Alright. I got a user name and password

  3. redmondson says:

    Jeff, I received an email with username and password, but it did not appear to specifocally reference this post.

  4. mdavis says:

    Good job all! Anyone check out the video in the Dropbox?
    What’s up on the Conasauga? The SAWS crews are busy this week at the Beech Bottom trail relocation and the Upper Jacks River trimming/blowdown removal…
    One individual was to begin swingblading on East Cowpen Trail this past Sunday from Three Forks….Equestrians removed blown down trees along Iron Mtn. trail last week…others are removing blowdown from the Dry Creek Trail system…campground hosts are holdin’ the fort down at our campgrounds…our Conasauga District Trail Volunteers are the greatest!

  5. jkrivo says:

    Hey Tom,

    Let’s test out the email notification on the blog. When you post on a blog you will see two check boxes under the post comment that allows you to be updated when a new post or reply is created. I have done this for this posting.


  6. jkrivo says:

    Wonder if this we email me when I put an additional post in.

  7. Tom Owens says:

    I don’t know. Did it? Let me know.

  8. jkrivo says:

    Hey Tom,

    I got an email notifying me. Did you get one for this post?


  9. Tom Owens says:

    OK, try it again. Leave me a response.

  10. Tom Owens says:

    try it one more time – i didn’t know i had to confirm.

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