8 Common Foot Problems

If gout isn’t properly controlled, it can cause kidney stones and even more serious kidney disease. Gout is also associated with high blood pressure, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.

These orthopedic shoes are worn to prevent conditions from happening. Their purpose is to ease the stress and for this to happen, the shoes have to be made depending on the person who will wear them. Examples include Bunions, hammertoe, arches and diabetic sandals.

Cherries have natural anti-inflammatory properties and studies have also shown that they can reduce uric acid. During an attack eat 34 – 40 cherries every 4 hours. Once the symptoms have gone, get into the habit of eating 30 to 40 cherries on a daily basis to help maintain low uric acid levels in your body.

Whichever shoe you choose, you should be able to flex your toes at ease. There should be some extra space between your Halux Valgus and the edge of your shoe so that your toes are not crunched. Many experts prescribe space equaling the length of your thumbnail. If you have low arches, find sturdy shoes having greater curve along the inner frame that provide support to your arch. If you have flat feet you should buy shoes marked for better motion control and stability of movement. And if you have high arches try to find shoes that have extra cushioning.

An orthotic is surprisingly cheap and for some people it is simply a miracle. But since almost everybody that walks over a mile a day probably has some problems with the balance in their feet orthotics is a good idea for everyone. They decrease that worn feeling a person feels after walking all day and coupled with a great walking shoe that absorbs the body’s weight anyone can experience significant gains in the control of Foot Pain. Many times this results in the elimination of foot pain or a drastic reduction.

If you have never ever worn heels in your life then don’t go from ground level to very high all of a sudden. You are bound to falter then. Rather, start with small heels and then move on to the really high ones.

Since the high-heels place your foot in a downward position, this limits your ankle movement while walking. This can cause contractions of the calf muscles and also of the Achilles tendon. This can ultimately lead to a condition called Insertional Achilles tendonitis.

4) If your feet have been covered for a considerable time the skin can dry out quickly and crack when you wear sandals or flip flops. A solution to this problem is to massage a quality foot cream into the skin just before going to bed. For even better results you can put either silk or cotton socks on after massaging in the cream. By doing this your feet will be silky smooth by the time you get up the morning.

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