Moccasin Slippers – Happy Feet finally!

The most important thing is to keep your diabetes under control. Check your blood glucose level regularly and take any medicine prescribed for you. Check your feet regularly. It is a good idea to check for cuts, swelling, red spots, blisters or any other changes every day. If you discover anything abnormal, contact your doctor.

Symptoms usually start on a fairly mild basis and then intensify. One of the Halux Valgus is the first to serve notice by becoming swollen, red, and painful to the touch. Without getting too technical for the sake of this discussion, the condition is directly caused by too much uric acid in the blood stream which then crystallizes. These acid crystals lodge themselves in joints like the halux valgus, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Arch supports should be fit to you in person by a trained, custom arch support fitter. It’s definitely worth the 30 minutes or so it takes to get personally fit, as improperly fit arch supports can actually damage your feet, not help. Arch supports are also very discreet. You can hide a pair on your athletic shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, high heels and even sandals. There could be a really quick fix to your pain in the ball of your foot. You don’t have to live with Foot Pain! If you have any foot or back problems I recommend that you see a foot doctor for an evaluation.

The fourth thing is pretty hard to do for some people. If youre prioritizing comfort, then you should generally stay away from high heels wherein the heels itself are very thin. Basically, stilettos are bad and wedges are good. I know that some people swear by stilettos Hammertoe and avoid wedges like the plague but wearing stilettos force you to put all your weight on the balls of your feet. So, imagine, walking on the tips of your toes for the whole day.

Bunions: A bunion develops from swelling at the base of a toe usually due to ill fitting shoes that are too tight. Bunions typically develop in the biggest or smallest toe, and cause the toe to turn inwards. If not treated correctly, bunions can lead to arthritis in the joint, so care for your feet now!

The shoes are generally made out of leather. The cheaper versions of this foot wear are fashioned out of leather uppers which are then glued to the sole. A more expensive style will have been hand-made where the soles are stitched to the uppers.

The shoes should be a snug fit for the shape of your feet. This indicates the insole is absorbing the pressure. If you already suffer from pains in the legs or instep consider putting in orthotic inserts for a better fit.

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