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All -

I’m starting this to better keep up with all the ideas for the REI presentation(s) tentatively planned for November.

To date – the idea is to hit all 4 REI stores in one day using at least 8 volunteers – 2 per store.  The presentation would be about (surprise!) volunteering to do trailwork!  So – we need ideas for the presentation and we need volunteers to make them and then sit at a table in the stores recruiting, answering questions and looking pretty (hmm, that counts Jeff out).

Thus far I’ve volunteered to take either Kennesaw or Atlanta and Robert has volunteered to take either Buford or Perimeter (see below).

Robert also has some ideas as follows:

11/10 works best for me.  11/3 is a possibility, but the 10th is best.  I am happy to do both Buford and Perimeter, if you like.  Could I maybe handle Buford on a weekday evening, maybe the 9th, since it is closer to my office?  Then handle Perimeter any time the 10th?  Nicole, is this possible???
Regarding content, I am a day-hiker and know the GA trails well.  I have been thinking about content aimed at hikers/campers.  I have literally thousands of photos from our day hikes and could choose several showing overgrown trails and trails with blowdowns versus other photos where either we or some other unknown group has gone in and cleaned up/maintained trails (before and after comparison).  Thought about pitching questions like, “Anyone ever turned the corner on a hike and seen a blowdown like this, or nettle this tall and thought, ugh?!”  Then, have photos of CDTV in action and some of our “finished product.”  Thought about also putting a map of the Cohuttas on a poster board that shows all the trails, maybe another map where I highlight the ones I’ve worked on to show how just one person really touches the area in a short time period.  Then, have a few tools to show and tell.  Thoughts?
Wanda, Mike and Nicole (and me) agree these are good ideas and a great start.
Here’re more thoughts from Wanda -
Last year I just threw together some photos at 3 a.m. and put them on a CD.  We were going to use someone’s laptop (I don’t have one) for a slideshow at the table but the laptop didn’t arrive.  Kennesaw has a player that they let us use that day.  I have no idea where that CD is now, but there were no elaborate plans like you have.  Just photos of beautiful areas in the Cohuttas…
(If I can figure out how to make this one dang font I will….)
Nicole is now checking on dates.
I gave a presentation to a local civic club awhile back.  They were fascinated by the crosscut saws.  How realistic would it be to do a cc saw demo?  Put a 12″ log on a saw horse and go at it?
We should have Pulaskis, fire rakes and saws there.  Maybe loppers.
Anyhow – please give your input and let us know too if you can do a presentation (tentatively one or both of the first 2 wknds in Nov.  Let us know which store also.)
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  1. mdavis says:

    Crosscut saw demo would be fun and unusual for most to see, safety would have to be of the utmost so that observers do not cut themselves getting to close or trying to touch a sharp saw. I would recommend a saw buck and a 10-12 inch poplar to do it right. Have pictures or a picture board showing actual work trips with saws too.

  2. Tom Owens says:

    The latest info from Nicole at REI is that we have to break the presentations up. We can do REI Atlanta in November – the 10th or 24th. I vote for the 10th so maybe we can convince some folks to come help the next wknd. We can do Kennesaw in December. Presentation would be 2pm. I’ll volunteer to go first on 11/10. Anyone want to do Kennesaw?

  3. Tom Owens says:

    I can’t hear you?

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